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 Server Punishment for Server Rules violators

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Ecpe Team

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PostSubject: Server Punishment for Server Rules violators   Sat May 30, 2015 12:26 pm

Thank you for thos who report server violators thank you.
This is the following punishment for those who violate the server rules

Major Offense:
●Hacking -Unappealable
●Saying something racism or sexism in chat - Unappealable
●Saying bad words at the chat multiple times - Appealable
●Violating the server E.G Saying at the sign this server sucks, etc - Unappealablehh
●begging at admins multiple times - Appealable

That Violations Can proceed to temp ban or Perma Ban

Minor Offense:
●Spamming in chat
●Begging in chat once
●speaking different language at staffs that can not understand
●Cussing or fighting in chat

Those offense can lead to warning,kick,temp ban
You cannot make ban appeal because there is no perma ban in Minor Offense

-ECPE Staff Team

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Server Punishment for Server Rules violators
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